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PostSubject: news?   Thu 06 Sep 2012, 05:39

Could we create a news topic, it would be usefull for posting stuff like the SAPTA article that @TomK scanned and uploadede for us, plus it would likely get more views, it could be split into different subjects somehow, perhaps global, local, area, and personal, with personal being info relevant to the person, for exaple "finally managed to get fishX to spawn" or something, just an idea, if anyone could think of a beter layout for it, or another way to do it, that would also be great.
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PostSubject: Re: news?   Thu 06 Sep 2012, 07:41

bounce Smile great idea Nes! Hope Dewald is reading the post lol
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PostSubject: Re: news?   Thu 06 Sep 2012, 09:08

On my way to work !
Will do it when i'm home.
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PostSubject: Re: news?   

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