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 Tiger Barbs info

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PostSubject: Tiger Barbs info   Sat 08 Sep 2012, 14:40

Scientific Name: Barbus tetrazona
Family: Cyprinidae
Origin: Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra
Adult Size: 7 cm
Social: Active schooling fish, nips fins
Lifespan: 6 years
Tank Level: Mid dweller
Minimum Tank Size: 75 Liters
Diet: Omnivore, eats most foods
Breeding: Egglayer
Care: Easy to Intermediate
pH: 6.5
Hardness: up to 10 dGH
Temperature: 20-26 C
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PostSubject: Re: Tiger Barbs info   Tue 11 Sep 2012, 22:02

Thanks for sharing the info Dewald! How do you trigger them to spawn and what first food for the fry?
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Tiger Barbs info
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